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    Lew Yoong Fah, Chief Financial Officer; Pearl Lai, Corporate Communications and CSR Director; Lars Lehmann, Managing Director, Juliet Yap, Marketing Director; Gary Tan, Sales Director.

    Usher in the new year with Carlsberg, with 170 years of Danish legacy. Now, you can win BIG with plenty of 'Ong'& 'Huat' with Carlsberg Malaysia!

    Shoppers who purchase Carlsberg Malaysia’s products worth RM200 and above at 8 participating AEON and AEON Big outlets on 7, 8, 14 and 15 January 2017, from 12pm to 3pm will be able to participate in the “Weather Vane Digital Spin” and stand a chance to have their CNY groceries paid by Carlsberg, or walk home with other fabulous prizes.

    Yes, we're talking about an entire cart fully sponsored and paid for by Carlsberg Malaysia!

    In the past week, the activation event has garnered more than 670 shoppers over a 6-hour period of 2 days! With that, 160 lucky shoppers got their groceries paid for, courtesy of Carlsberg! So what are you waiting for ?

    Just participate in the final 2 rounds of the event - held on the 14th and 15th of January 2017 and stand the chance to win this golden opportunity that Carlsberg will foot the bill for you.

    To add on additional prosperity, beer lovers who purchase three (3) big bottles of Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught will receive a deck of playing cards and stand a chance to win attractive bonus prizes such as Samsung Home Theatre System, Ogawa Handheld massager and many more!

    For Somersby lovers, there's also something for you! Simply purchase (2x) 4-bottle pack or a 6-can pack of Somersby Cider with 'Twist of Luck' from Somersby vending machine to capture a prosperous egg capsule and stand a chance to walk away with a branded camera worth RM 1,200, cash prizes or limited edition Somersby merchandises.

    And that’s not all, consumers who purchase any 4-bottle pack or 6-can pack of Somersby will also receive a Somersby Ang Pow pack. This activation runs on 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 and 22 January 2017.

    If that isn't the meaning of Chinese New Year, I don't know what is. For more information on the matter, kindly check out or

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    This is it guys, probably the best char siew rice in KL. Sure, it may not compete with some of the older eateries in KL, but it certainly is one of the best tasting ones I've had. 

    Unlike most char siew these days, Buns & Meat's variant is done the maximum. That is maximum flavour and fat, oozing from the delicately sliced pork. It's also slightly sweet, which is a great compliment to the chilli on the side. 

    It's also incredibly tender and melting-in-your mouth.

    Served with a side of egg and kailan, this dish of only RM9.90 (with 1 green tea) is certainly the most affordable. Absolutely fantastic. 

    Moving on, they've also recently launched the Wat Tan Hor, which is Cantonese Fry in English. 

    It may look simple from afar, but trust me, there are much to be discovered beneath this plate. 

    Oh, it also comes with a side of spicy Thai sauce, which amazingly, works really well with the noodles and gravy!

    For one, the prawns are HUGE! Bigger than I've ever seen, especially with most restaurants cutting costs lately, all I've been getting are shrimps, if not scraps. This here is full-fledged prawns! There's also a generous portion of squid, sliced pork and vege!

    Now beneath all that, is a fried egg. As simple as it may sound, the flavour of the eggs, after being fried with the noodles gives it a really smoky aroma which packs in flavour and a unique texture as well. That shit right there is what made the whole dish complete.

    It certainly is one of the best Wat Tan Hor in KL that I've tasted!

    Absolutely delicious - definitely a must try. However, the price is fairly steep at roughly RM15/17, I can't remember. But for what it's worth, it definitely affordable for me!


    72A Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lake Fields Sungei Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

    Operating hours: Daily 5pm - 12am

    Tel: 03-9055 3378


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    I'm back to Alanna's once again for her latest menu selection! For those who have not read about my first time here, this is the link

    Anyway, I just had to try what she had in stores this time!

    Arabic Lamb Mandy + Rice - RM18.90

    Unlike most of her other Mandy, this is the priciest. However, there is a good reason to it as the lamb was incredibly tender. I mean it was so tender that pushing a fork through would slide the meat off the bone easily. 

    It is also well-packed with flavour while the additional sauce on the side gave it that zesty finish. Rice was aromatic as ever and the combination was just fabulous. This dish comes highly recommended for all Mandy or lamb lovers out there.

    Shish Tawook Grilled Chicken + Rice - RM12.90

    You know a dish is great when chicken breast are done incredibly tender and soft. Possibly, it is one of the best chicken breast dishes that I've had due to its texture and flavour. It comes with a side of aromatic basmati rice, mixed greens and her signature garlic sauce. Good flavour, fantastic texture - this dish also comes in highly recommended.

    Grilled Sambal Fish (Seabass) + Rice - RM12.90

    If you enjoy spicy food as well as fish, then you are gonna love Alanna's Grilled Sambal Seabass. Not only was the portion huge, the fish was flaky, fresh and well spiced with the sambal. Some say it was spicy, I find it just nice. Definitely worthy the try, especially when it comes to flavour. 

    Carbonara Seafood - RM17.90

     Unfortunately, I like my spaghetti done al-dante and this was a tad bit too soft. The sauce was lacking in depth, but was okay overall. There were plenty of seafood such as mussels, clams, prawns and squid, which is nice. However, I still very much enjoy a carbonara that is incredibly rich and creamy. 

    Bolognese Cheesy Rice Ball - RM10.90

    Think Onigiri, but bigger and filled with more stuff! That is what this is all about. A huge ball of rice filled with cheese, covered in breadcrumbs and fried till golden perfection. A side of bolognese sauce will be given to mix into the dish later on. It is quite fun to eat, while the flavours and textures were alright. 

    There certainly is room for improvement, as this is still at a testing stage. 

    Beef Stew + Mandy Rice - RM17.90

    Flavour, flavour and flavour. That is what I could say about this dish. The stew is nicely packed with a strong essence of beef, along with chunks of tender-soft meat. It's also a little spicy due to the black pepper, but I like my stew slight heat-y. Definitely a yes for me and to anyone who loves beef! 

    Abalone Scallop Porridge - RM28.90

    A CNY Special! Only 4 servings will be made a day!

    This bowl of porridge comes with 2 large sized abalone and 6 scallops! On top of that, the essence remains from boiling over 9 hours is used to flavour the porridge, giving it a slightly oceanic taste and aroma. The porridge is also cooked for a prolonged period of time, making it smooth and luscious. 

    Overall, this dish is a must have this CNY! 

    Waffles + 2 Scoop Ice Cream - RM10.90

    For those that can't eat that much, there's also the single ice cream option that will cost RM7.90. 

    The great thing about this is the fact that the ice cream is homemade. So do expect fresh and natural ingredients with no artificial colouring or preservatives. Smooth, creamy and luscious ice cream on crispy yet fluffy waffles drizzled in chocolate sauce - lovely!

    Ice Cream - RM3.90/RM6.90 (1/2 Scoops)

    Those that do not wish for waffles can opt solely for the ice cream too!

    Blueberry Cheesecake & Cappuccino Mousse Cake 

    To finish, cakes! What better way to end a meal if it isn't some cakes? Smooth, creamy and absolutely delightful, Alanna's Kitchen's homemade cakes are definitely something worth trying! 

    Overall, like my previous visit - everything was great. There were some dishes that require minor tweaks but overall, fantastic. Not only was it affordable, everything was fresh and made upon order. Definitely a restaurant worth going for! 

    To my Muslim brethrens, the restaurant is currently applying for its Halal license and it's about complete. So do not worry so much on that as they will update it soon on their Facebook page once it has been approved.


    No:8, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23D, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Operating hours: Daily 11am - 10.30pm

    Tel: 03-9201 7134

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    Asia's first Burger & Lobster is now opened at SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands! Yes, that's right. UK's most popular lobster chain has finally landed in Malaysia, and it's the first amongst asia. So it's safe to say that we're pretty lucky. Now, how does it fair up against its UK counterpart? 

    You can locate Burger & Lobster easily as they are the ones with the longest queue. Fortunately, these 2 ladies are there to contain the hyped-out crowd.

    When it comes to Burger & Lobster, it is without a doubt that we should definitely go for either one of them first before anything else. 

    Wild Live Lobsters - The Original (Grilled) - RM138/153 (member/non-member)

    Kickstarting with the standard grilled live lobster with a side of fries, salad and their signature Lemon & Garlic butter. Lobster is incredibly fresh and grilled to tender and juicy perfection. On top of that, the flesh comes off as a whole, making the entire experience undeniably memorable. 

    The shells are also fairly easy to crack, though it might need some work. 

    Wild Live Lobsters - The Original (Steamed) - RM138/153 (member/non-member)

    For those that wants something a little juicier, then go for the steamed variant. It still packs in the same amount of flavour, just with a little more explosion of moisture from within. Personally, I enjoyed the steamed variant more. 

    The B&L Burger - RM138/153 (member/non-member)

    Next up, a Burger & Lobster signature - the B&L Burger. It literally is what it means. 168g of 100% pure ground beef patty topped with generous chunk of lobster meat, finished with tangy mayo and charcoal sesame seed buns. 

    I had mine medium rare and as you can see, it was done perfectly. To make things better, the patty was incredibly well seasoned and was packed full of flavour. It's also really juicy and the entire bite was pleasant throughout. Though it may be an issue for those with smaller mouth, I certainly did enjoy it. 

    Easily, it's one of the best burger that I've had in KL. 

    Lobster Roll (Seven Samurai) - RM95/105

    As for the lobster roll, there are 3 different flavours. I chose the Seven Samurai due to its blend of spices, perfuming the dish and giving it that hint of flavour. The toasted brioche roll itself was incredibly buttery and soft, while the lobster within was both juicy and flavourful. 

    One certainly wasn't enough!

    Wild Live Lobster - Chilli Lobster - RM158/173 (member/non-member)

    I'm not too sure if this is only available in Malaysia, but it really did taste a lot like chilli crab. It had the same essence of spice, but slightly spicier and a lot more flavourful in comparison to those in a regular seafood restaurant. The lobster of course was extremely fresh and plump while the sauce was great for a dip with the toasted brioche on the side. 

    In terms of drinks, there were plenty of delectable alcoholic beverages. I'm not too sure to what this was cold, but it certainly was my favourite. It has a nice tang while being sweet and smooth. 

    Overall, is Burger & Lobster worth it? Definitely. The price is affordable if you're comparing amongst the prices in Genting. After all, a lobster here in KL will cost you about the same price and it might not even be fresh. 

    So yeah, I'd highly recommend it, but do be warned that the line is insane! 


    Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Pahang, Malaysia

    Operating hours: Daily 11am - 10pm

    Tel: 03-6105 9186

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    Let us give the year 2017 or rather, the year of the Fire Rooster a warm welcome! And as part of the tradition, it is crucial for us to enjoy a good Yee Sang before the actual Chinese New Year. There is without a doubt, hundreds of Chinese restaurant around and each one of them have their own unique factor - but what about Genting Palace Chinese Restaurant?

    For one, you'll be celebrating your Chinese New Year high above the mountains. Not to mention the casino is just right across Genting Palace, which means a possibility to recover the cost of the meal! 

    Prosperous Japanese Tuna Yee Sang

    Anyway, like any Chinese New Year set menu, you'll always start with the Yee Sang. In this case, it's shaped like a cock. 

    Instead of salmon, they opt for tuna instead. Personally, I liked them as I enjoy tuna more than salmon. Secondly, the sauce - the acidity and vibrancy of which binds everything together was absolutely fantastic.

    In short, it's a pretty good serving of Yee Sang! 

    Double-boiled Dried Seafood & Abalone Treasure Pottage

    Next up, one of my all time favourite soups - Double-boiled Dried Seafood & Abalone Treasure Pottage. Packed with flavour, aroma and a concoction of scallops, cordyceps and abalone. The soup was incredibly flavourful and addictive - I simply wished that I had another. 

    Marinated Royal Mountain Chicken in Fine Soy Sauce

    I'm not a big fan of chicken in Chinese restaurant, but I will say that the skin was done quite nicely. It's glistening and nicely salted, along with a good amount of fat and oil to coat the chicken. The chicken however, was firmer than what I'd liked it to be. 

    Steamed River Marble Goby with Crispy Ginger

    Now this is what we're talking about - fish! A beautifully steamed River Marble Goby doused in soy sauce and topped with a whole load of crispy ginger. The fish was firm and flaky, tender and moist. It's a hearty dish that I'd expect from every Chinese New Year set menu. 

    Stewed Sea Cucumber with Goose Feet

    It certainly was a weird sight at first, but overtime, I knew it was sea cucumber and I love sea cucumber. I love how jiggly and soft it is. I also love the fact that I don't have to chew much. 

    Similar, the sea cucumber here was done to perfection. It is then filled with a concoction of nuts and vegetables that gives it a little more bite. The veggies was also cooked perfectly but the goose feet was a little weird. 

    Pan-fried Marmite Prawns

    A gorgeous servings of huge prawns cooked marmite-style. Juicy, plump and fresh. It's simple, it's annoying to peel with chopsticks but ultimately, it's delicious. 

    Golden Sweet Corn Fried Rice with Waxed Meat

    After all these years, I don't really know the reason behind putting the rice as one of the last dish but hey, it's tradition. Anyway, the rice had a nice fragrance to it and the portion is incredibly huge. It's also a little saltier than I'd like, but still good nonetheless. Oh, the waxed meat was great - loved that one!

    White Fungus Soup

     For dessert, we had a refreshing serving of white fungus soup - the ice version. It's sweet, it's light and it's really pleasant. I really liked it and went for seconds. 

    Pineapple Tarts

    Now I'm not such a fan of pineapple tarts but this was done exceptionally well. The crust was both flaky and firm, with just the right amount of density. Inside, you'll get a really nice, sweet and tangy pineapple filling that is just bursting with flavour. Overall, this is the first time I had 2 pineapple tarts. 

    In conclusion, the food itself was absolutely delightful. Sure there were some points where they can improve on but overall, it's pretty solid. This Chinese New Year Set costs RM1,788 for a total of 10 person. Don't worry, it can actually feed more than 10!

    There are also various sets available, each with its own pricing and choices of items. Depending on what you and your family like most, you can probably consult them for the best set to have. The Yee Sang is also available in a variety of options - even additional add ons like caviar, jellyfish, abalone, lobster are available!

    You can enjoy this when you dine in at Genting Palace (Level 2, Genting Grand), Seasons (Lobby Floor, Genting Grand), Imperial Rama (Level 2, Maxims), Good Friends Restaurant (Level 2, Maxims), Ming Ren (Level 2, Maxims), e18hteen Inspired Dining (18th Floor, Maxims), and Resort Seafood Steamboat (Level 2, Resort Hotel).

    Yee Sang will be available till 11th of February 2017.

    Pineapple tarts are sold in containers as well! I do recommend them as they were really good!

    Pineapple tarts are also available from now till 11th February 2017

    For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit

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    I have to say, this is the first time that I'm attending such event with courtesy from Resorts World Genting. This event was also held in accordance to my visit to Burger & Lobster, as well as Genting Palace Chinese Restaurant. I'll have to say, it was a great show and definitely a fantastic finish to my trip at Genting.

    So without further ado, here are some photos!

    Before the commencement of the event. Dato Michelle Yeoh is right there in apple green, with Simon Yap on the right.


    That's almost everyone on stage!

    Yep, that's everybody!

    Crystal Fung from Hong Kong 

    Serene Lim from Malaysia

    Stitch Yu from New York (Winner of MICP2017!)

    I supported No.5 & No.14 - Malaysia and Sydney! 

    Bikini Contest

    Winners of the bikini contest

    Crystal Fung from Hong Kong with her Magic Talent Show.

    Serene Lim from Malaysia with her dancing talent.

    Stitch Yu from New York with her skating talent.

    Emily Yu from Sydney with her dancing talent.

    The final showcase before selecting the finalist. 

    Top 5

    3rd Place Winner - Crystal Fung from Hong Kong.

    1st Place Winner - Stitch Yu from New York.

    Top 3 Winners with Serene Lim from Malaysia winning 2nd place.

    All and all, the show itself was spectacular. Definitely - plenty of beautiful girls but more importantly, each with their own unique story, origin and goals. I was also seated rather near so I had a fantastic view of everything. The MCs - mainly Eric Tsang was incredibly funny and spontaneous too! 

    For those wondering if it's worth the watch - I'd highly recommend so.

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    Back again with a new Korean restaurant! This time, it's located in Sunway Mentari, right across Sunway Pyramid. Googling or Wazing there is fairly simple, just key in the name of the shop. 

    Korean Ala-Carte BBQ Buffet is definitely one of the key selling points here. Priced at only RM39++, it definitely is amongst the most affordable considering the options that they provide. 

    Of course, like every other Korean restaurant, Banchan is what I would consider, the first impression. Depending on the quality and taste of their Korean side dishes, one can roughly grasp how good the restaurant truly is.

    Fortunately, Hwa Ga Korean Restaurant do not merely offer good banchan, but a wide variety of it as well. It's also refillable, so do go all out! 

    The BBQ Pit, as expected, it's always messy! Packed with cutleries and stuff. So you might have to shift a little here and there.

    Before we dig into their buffet, here are some drinks that ARE NOT offered. You can definitely add them on the side and I'll personally recommend the Soju. 

    I can't remember exactly what this is, but I do know it's fried chicken with enormous amounts of cheese! For those cheese lovers out there, this is definitely one worth going for. However, this is NOT AVAILABLE in their Ala-Carte Buffet! 

    What I really admire about Hwa Ga Korean Restaurant is their attention to detail. Even roasting the bloody chicken, they'd rather do it themselves. Tender, juicy and packed with smoky aroma, this is fantastic for those who enjoys eating roasted chicken! Heck, even I pretty much liked it. 

    Or you could  opt for the one with cheese too!

    I'm pretty sure that this is the Dakgalbi, filled witch chicken, toppoki and veggies marinated in a spicy-sweet sauce. Tender to the touch and packed with a good amount of flavour. 

    Kimchi Fried Rice anybody?

    Or perhaps something a little more forgiving - traditional fried rice?

    Both these rices were alright, nothing too spectacular but definitely a good way to fill up your stomach. I wouldn't suggest all of you to go for it, but rather, just order one to share. 

    Toppoki! Because it's necessary in every Korean meal.

    Despite it being a buffet, their range of stews were delicious! I personally enjoyed the Soybean Paste Stew with Beef, it's rich in flavour and goes incredibly well with rice. Though I'll advice to skip on the rice cause it'll make you full. 

    Last but not least, the actual Korean BBQ itself. Pork, beef, chicken and squid! There are 11 different types of meat, cuts & marinate, so choose what's best for you. I personally like non-marinated pork belly & beef ribs, where I felt that their natural flavours were more profound. 

    However, the most important aspect of any BBQ is the freshness of the meat, which I'm quite happy to say that Hwa Ga Korean Restaurant does possess. So no worries on that point, just enjoy!

    Definitely, definitely order the soju. I'll recommend the Pomegranate & Grapefruit!

    In conclusion, I enjoyed the place very much. The restaurant was kept clean and the service was great. Food were fantastic and the BBQ was memorable. So do I recommend this place? Absolutely! 

    *PS: Special gift for every table too! 

    Ala Carte BBQ Buffet:
    Lunch 11am - 3pm, Dinner 5pm - 11pm

    Lunch: RM39++ | Child RM20++
    Dinner: RM45++ | Child RM25++

    *Ala Carte Buffet not available in Damansara Perdana Outlet
    *Promotion available on both weekdays & weekend
    *Maximum 2 hours dining time.
    * Kids from 6-11 will be charged accordingly
    *10% service charge not included
    *Special gift is subject to stock availability and T&C applies. 


    Dataran Mentari Sunway, 28, Jalan PJS 8/18, Bandar Sunway, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

    Operating hours: Daily 11am - 11pm

    Tel: 03- 5630 0648

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    Walking through the forest wouldn't be boring anymore with Genting's latest approach towards their Fashion Forest Walk. Like in any trekking, the forest itself is filled with natural wonders of nature. However, what makes this place really unique is the fact that the forest is wifi-enabled, with high-speed coverage at all areas.

    But before we get into all that, here's how we got to Awana through Genting's latest cable car.

    A whole new platform with newer cable cars! It's all clean and sparkly now.

    The journey is roughly 10 minutes long if I remembered correctly. Each cabin also comes with its own USB charger! 

    A short description of the fashion forest.

    The journey begins. Here is where you can be connected to wifi. What's even more interesting is the fact that each 'species' are tagged with a QR code and scanning them will display info on your smartphone. 

    It actually seems a lot like a walking Wikipedia.

    The idea here is also to make outdoors and nature fun again, as well as spreading the word through social media. Thousands of acres of trees are constantly being cut down, and this is one way they are able to spread the love. 

    For some reason I like this try very much. Look at those leaves. 

    Oh, did I mention that they also have a version where the bottom panel is made out of glass? Pretty scary but fun nonetheless! So if you're looking for a place to trek and enjoy nature as a whole, do consider Genting Awana's Fashion Forest! 

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    One of Hong Kong's most popular beverage and snack stand has finally arrived in Malaysia. Fans of Hong Kong's signature milk tea should definitely pay them a visit, as the first outlet is now opened at Berjaya Times Square.

    The brand had ventured to China in 2015, with more than 1000 outlets spanned over 143 cities in 30 provinces. With that sort or numbers, it's not surprising that they will sooner or later, bring it here.

    Hong Kong’s food and beverages reminds us about Hong Kong-style café and restaurant. In fact, Hong Kong-style café and restaurant is a product of local delicacies blending with western restaurants These restaurants, which sell light bites and beverages, became more common in the early 1950s.

    Their Signature Silky Milk Tea, originates from Hong Kong, and it is definitely one of the most popular drinks amongst local and tourists. Top grade red tea is brewed in a hand-held silver pot. The tea is then filtered through a white cotton sieves repeatedly to blend with evaporated milk. Customer is then served with a cup of silky-smooth, full-bodied milk tea.

    Apart from that, you'll also be able to try out some of their buttery waffles, egg-waffle and various other snacks! In terms of beverage, there's also quite a number to choose from!


    Berjaya Times Square, 1, Jalan Imbi, Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Operating hours: Daily 10am - 10pm

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    It's been awhile since my last Korea update, but I'm determined to keep it going till the end. For day 6, we were at Dongdaemun! Apparently it is considered as a place for shopping, where malls open past midnight!

    Anyway, without further ado, here's a what happened!

    As usual, we arrived by subway onto what appears to be a really spacious area with fairly square looking buildings. But before anything else, food is priority - which is why we stopped by a small snack joint ran by 3 ahjummas. Yes, they were chatting away happily while rolling my rice.

    It's quite nice to see, everyone was happy and food was absolutely fantastic. We had a serving of mini-gimbap, which costs KRW2000! Cheap! Beautifully done, fluffy rice, lovely seaweed and a glorious glaze. On the side, you can refill as much as you want on their spicy appetizer, which I love!

    There's also various other fishcakes available. Free tea too!

    Followed by some juices by Juicy, you can actually get them here in Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid now.

    Strolling through Dongdaemun Design Plaza. My first ever Zaha Hadid site visit.

    As glorious as this building may look, it really is quite warm inside. Where I've been, it was a market with plenty of local designer products. It's actually quite huge, and we didn't have the time to go through them slowly.

    Quality potteries.

    Dongdaemun Design Plaza is actually connected directly by Subway.

    They have several floors and man does it look beautiful. Even the stairs are done nicely.

    After spending roughly half a day, we've decided to move some ice cream!
    Just a short shoutout to Hotels Combined at For all my readers who are looking to travel, Hotels Combined compiles the best rates from various websites like,, and many more! Find out what works best for you at Hotels Combined today!

    Remicone is the name and it is quite popular in Seoul. They offer honeycomb softserve along with several other flavours that we hadn't tried. It's really smooth and milky, and the honey is mildly sweet. It's not exactly the most explosive or shocking, but in this weather, the soft serve was great!

    More fooling around.

    For lunch, Bibimbap! After 6 days, I've finally had authentic Bibimbap at a pretty famous place. It costs KRW5000 if I'm not mistaken and it tasted great! Followed by what I would consider as one of the luckiest point in time - BEER FEST!

    Yes, the Beer Fest was held at Common Ground, near Kongkuk University Station. We didn't know anything about it but decided to pop by and it was a beer fest!

    Without overthinking, we bought coupons to taste-test some local craft beers!

    I've had 4 tickets in total - 2 green & 2 purple. If I recall correctly, the greens are worth KRW3000/4000 while the purples are worth KRW7000/8000. Not too sure anymore.

    Of course, beers don't just go alone, here is a food truck that serves really good ribs! They're here everyday even without the event, just look for the Wonder Women Truck!

    It's really popular and they tend to sell out quick. So when you see them, just order, don't hesitate! I had mine for about KRW12,000, which wasn't too bad considering that it was really good.

    Once all that is done, we moved on to the cafe next door, ordering their signature red velvet and enjoying some quiet time. Common Ground was still buzzling with people and the vibe was great.

    After everything died down a little, we proceeded back to Kongkuk Univesity for some awesome fried chicken and Soju again!

    That's it for day 6 of our trip! Stay tuned for Day 7 as we did some Factory Outlet Shopping!

    Korea Day 6

    8.30am - Left AirBnB to Dongdaemun Station
    9am - Arrival at Dongdaemun Station
    9.15am - Breakfast
    9.30am - Tour around Dongdaemun Design Plaza
    12pm - Left DDP for shopping at Dongdaemun
    3pm - Late lunch (Bibimbap)
    4pm - Beer Fest at Common Ground
    6pm - Left for dinner at Kongkuk University
    9pm - Back to AirBnB

    *Disclaimer: All photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge without any further editing.

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    Ramadan is closing in again and this year, I'm here with Bangi Golf Resort at Bangi! It's quite a huge resort with hotels, a golf course, multiple halls and everything else. With that being said, they also offer quite an exquisite Ramadan buffet, and it costs only RM58! Check out what they have to offer:

    I love desserts, I mean, who wouldn't? 

    In one of the sections, you'll find a whole lot of curry and rendang like dishes to compliment both the lemang and oiled-rice. I personally enjoyed the beef rendang really much as it pairs really well with the sticky lemang. The oiled-rice is fairly fragrant and can pretty much go well with anything on the menu. 

    Of course, you can't go without some noodles! Here you have traditional Mee Soto, where you can pick your own toppings to pair with some deliciously flavourful broth!

    My personal favourite and one of Bangi Golf Resort's signature items - Sup Kambing. It's really fragrant and flavourful, with generous amounts of potatoes, carrots, and of course, lamb cubes! It's also really tender and moist! Goes well with white bread!

    Perfectly roasted lamb with black pepper sauce? Yes please!

    Loved their satay as well!

    Spicy Peri-Peri drummets! 

    On the western side, a little bit of lasagna and scrambled eggs. 

    But to all who are coming, go for this first. Their Sous Vide soft-boiled egg is definitely the best in Klang Valley. It's done to absolute perfection, where it's complimented with a mushroom-mousse and pepper. The yolk was done perfectly, and it simply bursts in my mouth! 

    Do remember, they are in limited quantities and they go out fast! It's their signature item and my God does everyone rush for it each year.

    And what will we do without you? A whole lot of desserts just for you! Cakes, puddings, kuih and many more! Indulge in a series of sweet-aftermeals at Bangi Golf Resort!

    That's not all! There's also churros, durian & durian ice cream on the outside. Unfortunately, the both the durian & durian gelato do not come with the buffet but customers can purchase it at an EXTREMELY LOW PRICE! Churros on the other hand, are part of the buffet.

    Overall, there are more than 200 different dishes over a course of Malay, Oriental & Western cuisine. Drinks are also included where sugarcane, sirap bandung, ice lemon tea and several others are provided. 

    Buffet Price: RM58 for adults & RM28 for kids! 

    Available from 29th May 2017 - 23 June 2017!

    Live performances will entertain guests from 6.30pm - 9.30pm daily! Parking is free as well (that's so Malaysian!)


    No.1, Persiaran Bandar, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, 43650, Malaysia

    Reservations: 1-700-81-8557



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    Cheese egg tart may be a thing of the past, but now, Donutes Bakery & Cafe Puchong has introduced its latest iteration - the Lava Salted Egg Cheese Tart!

    Unlike most of the cheese egg tarts available in the market today, Donute's version is a lot more liquid and creamy. Similar to a custard dim sum bun, their version now comes with a touch of salted egg yolk!

    Perfectly done with a slightly burn edge, crusty and undeniably aromatic. When the trays came out, the room was filled with a rich and creamy scent of cheese, as well as buttery pastry!

    Crusty on the outside, and perfectly runny on the inside. It's also nicely divided into 2 layers, the upper cheese layer and the bottom salted egg yolk. If you could fit the entire thing in your mouth, you'll experience the explosion within! 


    They are also offering a a SPECIAL PROMO on the 6th & 7th of MAY 2017! BUY 1 FREE 1 BOX! YES, YOU'VE HEARD THAT RIGHT. 2 DAYS ONLY! Each piece retails for RM6.90! For take-away orders, you're recommended to reheat in an oven at 150degree celsius for 2-3minutes, while a microwave would take roughly 20 seconds. 

    Apart from the Lava Salted Egg Cheese Tart, they are also offering one of the best sellers - Golden Liu Sha Mini Croissant! Ranked No.3 with 350,000 pcs sold in a year!

    Quite surprisingly, the croissant is really well made with enough flakiness and butter, while the lava salted egg yolk was absolutely delicious! 

    This may look a little weird, but this is their 2nd best seller - Taiwan Rosong - with over 450,000 pcs sold in 1 year! It's an incredibly buttery bread that is both fluffy and chewy. Tastes great on its own, or perhaps even with some jam. 

    Danish Polo Bun takes the No.1 spot with over 1 Million pieces sold in a year! This certainly is Donutes' signature bread. 

    Incredibly flaky, airy, light & flavoursome, Donutes' signature Danish Polo Bun is a must try & take-away! This goes really well with some hot coffee too! 

    More breads~ 

    I personally quite enjoyed this. Can't really remember what it's called, but it has onions & garlic in it. Really flavourful, perfect for breakfast with coffee or tea! 

    So there you have it, Donutes' latest Lava Salted Egg Cheese Tart - don't forget to stop by for their product launch promo on the 6th & 7th of May 2017! 


    7&6, Jalan Kenari 6, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

    Operating hours: 24 hours

    Tel: 03-5880 7038

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    Marco Creative Cuisine is 1 Utama's latest fine dining establishment that makes it possible for everyone to enjoy fine cuisine. At ONLY RM78! Yes, 78-bucks for a FULL-ON 7 course meal is absolutely unbelievable, and believe me, they aren't serving cheap stuff!

    Yes, RM78 - GST included! 

    The interior is nicely decorated with a balance of Tiffany blue, white and gold. It's a comforting place and the staffs were friendly & attentive. 

    Moving on, we were first served a palate cleanser. This is a Velvety Matcha-Lime Shooter, which quite surprisingly, was really refreshing.

    Savoury Eclair

    The Savoury Eclair, which had a blend of Gruyere Flavoured Pate A Choux, Aurbergine Caviar, Green Chile Pesto & Tomato Confit was light and flavourful. A decent appetiser to kickstart the night. 

    Strawberry Gazpacho

    For Soups, we were given 3 options - Strawberry Gazpacho, French Onion Soup or Truffled Mushroom Soup. 

    Being the only one that is new, I went for the Strawberry  Gazpacho, which I have to say, was really unique. For one, it's served cold! It's also a little more tangy, which helps built an appetite for my following dishes.

    Some people liked it, some people can't accept it. But if you're up for something new, this is definitely worth trying. 

    Chicken Liver Parfait

    I'm not really a liver person, but this was one of the best tasting chicken liver I've had. It's butter-smooth with a nice savoury taste, not too 'liver-ish' along with a sweet & smoky finish due to the Brulee top. Highly recommended!

    You could also choose the Garden Plater or Savoury Ice Cream Salad! 

    Salmon with Jet Black Hollandaise

    For mains, there are 6 options. I went for the Atlantic Salmon because I love fish. 

    Thankfully, the fish is nicely done - just the right amount of crispiness on the skin, while maintaining an incredibly juicy & flaky flesh. The Hollandaise sauce & green chile pesto gave it added richness & saltiness to the dish, improving its depth of flavour. Pickled beetroot & salmon roe works really well with the dish too! 

    Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie

    For dessert, I went for the Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie. Personally, it's a little too sweet for my liking, but I would say it's beautifully decorated and gorgeous to look at! 

    To finish, loose leaves tea~ 

    Overall, the experience at Marco Creative Cuisine was fantastic. Not to mention the competitive price tag of only RM78, it's definitely worth a try. Whether it's a birthday or an anniversary, Marco Creative Cuisine is a great place to celebrate at! 


    Address:LOT G146, Ground Floor, 1Utama Shopping Centre, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    Operating hours: Daily 11am - 10pm

    Tel: 03-7731 8923

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    Presenting Caffebene's latest indulgence - Mango + Nutella! If you've yet to try this combination, I highly suggest you to! Nutella has been the world's favourite when it comes to a chocolatey hazelnut spread. Along with the vibrant taste of mango, the combination truly works. Though to be honest, it sounded weird the first time I heard about it. 

    There are 4 new items from Caffebene, 2 Bingsu, 1 smoothie & 1 waffle. 

    Mango Yogurt Bingsu

    Starting with the Mango Yogurt, this Bingsu has a nice blend of fresh mango fruit, mango sauce, shaved iced, almond nuts, and finished with yogurt ice cream. It's quite a nice mix, but I personally prefer the Nutella more. This one portion is able to feed up to 2-3 pax! 

    Mangotella Bingsu

    Now this my friend, is what I've been waiting for. A generous amount of Nutella topped on freshly cut mango & shaved ice, finish with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. It truly is a dessert worth saving my stomach for. As the days in Malaysia are getting hotter, a good bowl of Bingsu really does help with cooling my body down. 


    A simple smoothie - nothing too fancy, just good ol' Nutella layered with a good amount of freshly-blend mango smoothie.

    Mangotella Waffle

    A simple but delicious serving of Belgian waffle topped with freshly cut mango, crushed peanuts, a scoop of ice cream and finished with Nutella! Lovely~ 

    All and all, if you're a fan of both Nutella & Mango, this is definitely the one for you~ 

    Available at ALL CAFFEBENE Outlets in Malaysia! 

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    Shirts are part of men's identity and majority of them feel that it's crucial to have a collection of shirts as part of their wardrobe collection. You'll commonly find all these shirts, regardless whether it is long or short sleeved, to be rather slim fitting. For a while, men had considered slim designed shirts as the most comfortable top, as well as the most sophisticated looking ones.

    Even though trends may change, men shirts however, are one of the longest-lasting fashion trend of them all. Technically, you can't go wrong with one.

    Which is why buying the right is really important. You'll have to find one that matches your style, your comfort and most importantly, your image. Make it feel like you're in control! So aside from finding these shirts in malls or fashion boutiques, you could find them online!

    What better way to enjoy shopping than sipping on a cup of tea, or even drinking some icy beverage right in front of your pc! So, for those whom are interested, do visit style men’s slim fit shirt!

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    Mr Churro is one of the latest additions to Midvalley's fleet of snack kiosk. Roughly a few months old, Mr Churro aims to bring one of Korea's most popular churro brand to our fellow Malaysians.

    Ice Cream Churro - RM8.90

    Starting with one of my favourite items on the menu, the ice cream churro. Unfortunately, the green tea variant was out of stock during my visit, so I opted for the classic vanilla instead. Beautifully swirled softserve ice cream topped with homemade salted caramel sauce and a cinnamon churro! 

    Now what better way to enjoy a warm & chewy churro if it isn't with some icy cold ice cream? 

    Personally, the churro texture differs from other brands. It is a lot denser and chewier, giving it a whole lot more bite & crunch. It's also more filling, which makes it a pretty solid order.

    Choco Crunch Churro - RM7.90

    Next up, their own rendition of Nutella. The chocolate-hazelnut sauce is homemade, topped with extra crushed peanuts on a perfectly fried churros. This is also one of the most popular orders, and their homemade Nutella is pretty good as well. 

    Definitely a must-order for all chocolate lovers!

    Original Churro + Salted Caramel Dip - RM5.50 + RM1.40

    Of course, you can't miss out on the original. This one here is nicely cut up into bite size pieces, where you can dip it in any 3 of their homemade dips - Salted Caramel, Strawberry & Nutella. Personally, I loved the salted caramel as it had that nice balance between sweet & salty. 

    The chewiness of the churros was also complimented nicely by their thick and gooey salted caramel! I would highly recommend anyone who has a thing for salted caramel to go for it! 

    Butterscotch Tea / Apple Limeade - RM5.90 each

    Apart from churros, they also have 3 rather unique beverage. One of which I did not order - Mango Mojito (non-alcoholic). 

    Those who knows about Butterbeer from Harry Potter will be pleased that they've incorporated it into a tea - the Butterscotch Tea. It had a really pleasant scent, and an addictive balance of sweet & savoury. I'd highly recommended that.

    For something a little more refreshing, the Apple Limeade works great. Definitely do give them a try, but I'll personally suggest the Butterscotch Tea.

    So every churro is made fresh to order. Fried in a pool of surprisingly clean oil, and dusted in your favourite seasoning - Milo or Cinnamon. You could also opt for the plain. 

    Overall, Mr Churro is definitely a place to visit if you're looking for a quick snack. It's located right in front of Nando's, so finding them is pretty easy. 

    Oh, have I forgot to mention that they are giving away FREE RETURN FLIGHT to Seoul, South Korea? 

    It's that simple! So get snapping today and stand a chance to win a FREE trip to Seoul today!


    LGK-03A, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall

    Operating hours: Daily 10am - 10pm

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